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 My name is ERIK LAURAEUS and I'm 29 years old. I graduated as Master of Science in Mechanical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology at Stockholm, Sweden. My major is mechatronics and there is a special page that you should vist to learn about a certain 4-legged microcontrolled robot (MatLab-code included). 
 The Java-applet Monopoly has been added to this page! I wrote it as a part of a OOP-course given by NADA. Click here to play the game with a friend. 
 Why not take a look at Svenska Dive-Guide AB? You will meet Lars Berglund, the manager of Sv-Diveguide AB, who is a very nice guy. That site is a whole lot bigger than this one... I helped him put it together back in '97. The grafics aren't astonishing, but there is alot of information about scuba-diving around the world.
 That concludes my introduction, but don't forget to follow the links! 
Bye-bye, take care now! 
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